Bad strut mount noise

All you gotta do is let the jack down nice and slow. In addition, it insulates the tire noise & vibrations from the vehicle. My other mount was fine, no visible damage or defects to report. I have the same thing and have been through the struts, strut mounts, end links, and stab bar bushings. I loosened the three top mount What Do Strut Mounts Do. It’s not uncommon to experience unusually stiff or loose steering when the mount is defective. They are going to work with us and just charge a $100 deductible and replace the strut today. Jan 21, 2019 · The front strut has something called a jounce bushing on top of it. I also have new strut mounts. One side bolts to the vehicle, the other side to the strut. Rough ride: Over time, struts lose their dampening ability, producing a bumpy ride and causing the car to bottom out. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Accord based on all problems reported for the Accord. May 28, 2009 · what I need is for someone, and I know you are out there, to PLEASE tell me what the symptoms are of bad strut bearings / mounts. The mount noise was addressed in a TSB years ago. Will take it out for a longer drive to make sure no noise seemed to get louder as the car heated up but that could be in my head. That means the coil-spring is bad or the Strut-Mount?:confused: (Struts, ball joint and sway bar link have been My mechanic had to create a special grommet and put another washer on top so the strut didn't skip around inside the mount and cause horrible noise and potentially catastrophic damage to the strut. The strut mount, in my car anyway, started out as a creeking noise but soon after changed to a clunking noise. Was a quick check took less than 40 mins to pull the strut and take it apart. If your moving your wheel left to right, and not rolling forward (or reverse), I would think it wouldn't be your strut. Dec 16, 2010 · Whats your mileage? The OE GM struts get bad or worn after around 70K miles. The car rides good just the noise. It's a rubbery chirp/bark sort of noise. Over the past year they've had 3 strut mounts go bad and replaced. The struts on the front of your Escape are very stiff Shock and Strut Mount by KYB®. Really hope this fixed it. The noise was very obvious when going over bumps or uneven roads when the car was cold. . Often, if driven on narrower roads with the right wheels hitting the shoulders, it’s not unusual for one side to wear faster. The guy at the garage said that my car won't pass inspection because my front strut mounts are bad. They should have checked them when they had them out. The noise is not harmfull or a saftey issue-just drive you nuts. Steering Issues – Because the mount works with your steering, you’ll want to observe the ease of turning the wheel. May 16, 2010 · How can I tell If my strut mount is bad? I am replacing my front strut. Almost a year ago I replaced the strut mounts, spring seats, sway bars end links, control arms, ball joints and tie rods and did not manage to eliminate the creaking noise heard at low speeds in turns and over bumps. I was long overdue for new struts so I had them replaced (new links too). If your strut mounts are badly worn, you'll probably get a clunk noise when you  4 Sep 2009 I don't know of any way to isolate the popping noise to the strut bearing without going on a lift and prying different parts looking for something  An easy check to see if your dampers are bad is to bounce each corner of the If I can feel the noise, I suspect the upper strut mounts or bearing plates are the  22 Jan 2018 If a car makes so much noise that it sounds like there's a box of loose or the upper strut mount is going bad, often you can't bounce the car  7 Sep 2015 C-Class (W203) - strut mount vs strut bearing - I'm getting ready to The sway bar links make a lot of noise when bad but I don't think they  24 Sep 2019 With bad struts, a constant knocking noise will mostly be heard from the Mount it on the steering knuckle the same way it was before we  3 Jan 2020 How to replace front-end strut mounts (and struts) on the '97–'01 Another source of front-end noise is worn or broken lower control arm  The grinding could possibly be a strut mount, now that I know they are I had one go bad on my camry and it would make noise when turning. The mounts themselves have metal inside them and are conically shaped at the top so they really won't fail unless you take the vehicle airborne and the mount rips. Just as I suspected, the spring plate indeed was the problem. This separation causes the strut mount bearing to shake when the Camry is driven over rough road surfaces, resulting in a constant rattling noise in the front end. Try spraying some lubrication where the spring sits in the lower mount. The damping effect of the bearing also ensures that noise and vibrations of the suspension are not transmitted to the body. com as Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Engine Mount. It may mean one of the previous symptoms, or something completely new Feb 27, 2014 · In case anyone is actually following this, I replaced the strut with the new unit today. My tie rod ends don't seem to be bad. If yours are the originals, they prolly need replaced. 3. I have had a nagging noise coming from the bottom suspension front like the shocks are not absorbing the bumps on the road properly. I believe they replaced the strut mount. Will it be a problem if i dont get it fix? I can live with the noise, i just dont want my tires to come off while driving. I know a lot of you have experienced a bad spring seat so the video should help. Well both are bad again and the passanger side is the worst making the most popping noises and movement. To be sure the mount was in fact the cause of the noise, I stuffed some rubber from an old pair of shoes between the floating part of the mount and the mount frame. try upper strut mouts, just did mine, the noise you hear is a bad creaking sounds like a spring being wound and unwound right? Mine only make the spring noise when i make the left turn. And like the other poster said the top bearing assy is just as important as the strut. A light rapping noise might only be a sway bar end-link, whereas a heavy thump is more likely a control arm, control arm bushing or strut mount. Also check your strut Nov 20, 2014 · Sway bar links are right, cross member bushings new, transmission mounts new, engine mounts ok, sway bar bushings ok. If you suspect that you did not receive new bushings when your Lexus receipt says that you did, you should take the vehicle to another Lexus service department and try to get confirmation from them on whether or not you actually received new bushings. any suggestions? make sure the strut plate does not have adjustment. A coil spring called the strut is placed around the shock to act as another layer of vertical energy abortion. Many (front) strut mounts also contain a bearing or bearing plate that serves as the steering pivot. The #2 mount is the mount located just under the B-pillar. Oct 14, 2019 · Do you know anyone named ‘Strut’? You know that person that just walks this way or that and their boots squeak with each step? Well, not that sort of strut, but this one: 1. With new ones the strut mount/bearing sits straight and not crooked like in the pics above. Usually squeaking sound is coming from bad lower control arm put an aftermarket strut bar and true enough, the left side top mount had play  18 Jun 2018 Although often overlooked, top strut mounts are among the most are often the last thought when it comes to diagnosing suspension noise,  21 May 2018 trying to track down front end rattle on my taurus. Would someone please comment Jun 30, 2014 · Well I finally figured out what was going on with my truck. That's a pretty good tear, and who knows how soon it could completely rip out. We'll see how it goes and I'll keep you posted. New tires. You can see a big crack in it too. I hear banging noise (from front wheel) everytime hitting the pumper, so I jacked the front wheel up and was able to use my hand to push the Coil-Spring up and down a little. took them a few days to discover it was a bad rear strut, which needed to be ordered and ended up being in short supply hence the long time in the shop. noise when u drive So I just installed KYB front struts on my own, not wanting to pay $250+ for labor. After installing H&R springs, on my 2013 SEL AWD NA, I'm left with a creaking noise, in the driver side upper strut mount when I'm stopped or rolling very slowly and turning the steering wheel. Although, noise is more pronounced at low speeds and with rougher roads. In the middle is a rubber-like insulating material. When replacing struts, it's also a great idea to replace strut mounts too. Truck has 5100 miles on it Z71 crew cab. Either they are bad or they didn't tighten them correctly. To reduce the noise Kia has redesigned the strut mount with a modified rubber composition to improve the overall sound dampening in the affected speed range. If you feel a vibration along with the noise that’s a bad upper strut bearing. Test drive the vehicle to identify which mount is suspect. Leaking struts are easy to diagnose if the leak is external, but if the leaks are internal you’ll need to do a bounce test to the vehicle to know if the seals are blown internally. If the strut mounts are ok, I am going to return them to the store. Ok guys here it is! the thumping clunking noise in my front drivers side was a bad strut mount! So if you checked all your control arms, link bushings, calipers and  Replaced my end links, and the front end still sounds like bad strut mounts Dealer says this is a normal sound for the Fit. However, I took it out for a test drive and the car isn't driving very well. The spring may be worn out and not seating properly. “Broken” is a nebulous term in this instance. The strut absorbs vertical motion and the shock absorber acts just as its name implies. What Do Strut Mounts Do. Strut mount assemblies incorporate a bearing or a bearing plate that allows the strut to turn as the wheels turn since they are connected. They optimize suspension performance by providing a smooth steering response and reduce vibration and road noise. OE struts should last about 100k depending on use then put OE struts,mounts & insulators in at the same time. Tire cupping, or scalloping, can be another cause of suspension-related noise. I still hear the bad squeaking sound coming from the front right side. 5 SE. I'm really glad this is over, took way too long for simple strut/spring install lol. My strut itself seems fine, ride good. When mounts go bad, what causes the rattle? Is the actual strut assembly moving from side to side inside the fender or is the mount moving up and hitting the top where it connects with the three Jun 12, 2011 · Yes it is okay as long as you can put up with the noise. In addition, vehicles with bad strut mount bushings tend to rattle when going even minor bumps, particularly when the tires and suspension are still cold. Honda Accord owners have reported 9 problems related to front suspension strut (under the suspension category). they are offered that way but not by all parts stores. Upon test drive shop discovered knocking noise coming from Right Rear Strut assembly. The front strut mounts are a problem on the 97-01 camrys. i do know that a bad strut mount can lead to premature failure of several suspension parts. I drive a 1997 ETC that I bought new, also with all-original suspension, and except for a little strut mount noise everything seems as good as new - and I don't baby my car. Another common cause of noise is that the shock or strut mountings … Volvo S60 Front Upper Strut Mounts May Fail and Cause Noise Over Bumps - 136 reports. The strut mount also acts an in insulator between the road and the body of the vehicle to help reduce road and driveline vibrations or noises. If it is the strut mount you can duplicate the noise sitting still turning your steering wheel all the way one way and then all the other way. Jan 12, 2016 · Like most suspension jobs, it's important to replace both sides of the vehicle at the same time. Well, it's still making this noise when going slow and over bumpy roads. Supposedly they fixed it. i jacked up front end and unbolted both outer tierods to check the play of inner tierod. My car has 134,000 miles and these are the original parts (front strut mounts and bearings). The car has perfect steering with no play or drift, front suspension is quiet at any speed on any surface going straight. If you're changing the front shocks/struts due to wear and tear, it us highly recommendef that you also change the strut mounts. Sway bar bushing seem good. So I cannot see how the strut mount would make a popping noise. This would help diagnosis by actually confirming your suspicions of which component is making it. If they replaced the strut, but not the mount, the mount may be clunking now. You should replace it though. Noise when going over bumps can often be attributed to faulty strut mount bearings. New (Pic) - posted in Rims, Suspension and Brake Mods: Well I got new strut mounts from NAPA and am very satisfied with the quality of them, they are just like OEM with a new bearing and everything, only $75 for both! And well worth it, the rattle from the front end is now gone, finally, its all nice and tight! I should be good to go now, new struts, strut mounts, brake this car does not have rear shocks, it has struts, you will need a strut compressor to replace them, also this model has a problem with the upper bearing mount they go bad a lot and make a knocking noise when you hit a bump. These sounds will get worse the longer you wait to fix this problem. sounds very possible. May 12, 2017 · Damaged or broken Strut noise can be confused with a bad CV axle joint noise or loose break noise. If the bearing plate or upper mount is damaged, there may be a noise when turning the car wheels to the left or the right. A bad bushing in the front sway bar could be a possibility. Hard to tell by your sound clip but the rear upper strut mount should be replaced and in conjunction with new struts. A bad strut bearing can also cause a popping or creaking noise when turning the steering  On vehicles with strut suspensions, the non-load bearing lower joints are checked Old bushings can cause noise, and greasing them will quiet them, but they Badly cupped tires and/or noticeable tire shaking, wheel shimmy or vibration  20 May 2018 The strut mount on 1 side grinds when I rotate strut. Nov 21, 2014 · Just took my 2013 Dart in for this issue, diagnosed bad driver side strut mount at 47,xxx miles. they . My Civic has 130,000 miles. When a vehicle's shocks go bad, the noises may be caused by friction or banging from bumps and vibrations. Strut Mount Problem? This is a discussion on Strut Mount Problem? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; How do you know if the strut mount is bad? i'm trying to diagnois what the hell is wrong with The rear upper strut mounts start to make noise because they've failed. The mount itself may be worn enough to cause the shock/strut to move up and down. to/2Ghy1aj ACDelco Fron When replacing one in the front or back it is good practice to replace the other front or back strut. Installed the new mount and made 100% sure to do everything properly (as I had done the first time). It seems like it happens more when it's below 60 degrees outside. I turn on of the nuts and the whole stud turns with it. This is usually caused by a mounting problem and not the shock or strut itself. Sway bar end-links are also suspect, as are strut mounts. One way to check shocks by noise is to put weight on one corner of the vehicle and bounce three times. it looks ok to me, what do you think? 3. A bad strut usually makes a sound--normally, a rattling, loose sound--that's especially noticeable when driving over bumps or rough patches in the road. Took it back and the mechanic told me it was probably the strut bearing needing lubrication. When the bushing becomes dry, turning will create creaking or groaning sounds. This means that the ability to write new posts and access various member features will go away. Yes a bad strut mount and the associated ball bearings can make that sound. Bad front strut bearings may also cause a popping noise or a binding feeling when the steering wheel is turned. Returned to dealership with independent evaluation in hand, and dealer "removed and replaced both front strut bearings" under warranty. I would return these if it didn't take another half day to dismantle and put in different mounts. That was right before the $500 charge estimate! Thing is, I don't notice any unusual noise; however, I do feel that the car pulls slightly to the left when driving. I just had my strut mount changed on my front passenger side because the dealer said my strut mount was bad it was making this chuckling like noise. Includes strut pivot bearing and attachment hardware. I read many posts in LOC and concluded the culprit of my cars problem to be the strut mount and/o I had them check the entire suspension, they said everything was tight. The strut mounts mount the upper portion of the strut to the vehicle body. They were not kidding. If your factory 2011-2014 Mustang strut mounts are worn out, clunking, or popping, it may be time to replace them. appeared on YourMechanic. The only thing in the area really left is the lower control arm bushings and they just don't look bad enough to cause the noise. make sure it's correct strut. I purchased them from RockAuto. Oct 21, 2008 · I have included a video of the sound. Well I had that changed, and however the noise is not that noticeable now then it was before it still there. I should of  The spring mounts fits through the bottom of the bearing. I was told strut mounts have bearings, but I don't see any in the Chrysler mount. But it's not a clunking sound at all. A whining sound while turning could be the result of a bad power steering rack. 2009 CRV 2WD, I had suspension shop replace both rear struts yesterday with KYB Strut-Plus assemblies. Dealership determined it was "normal due to design of front suspension strut". From my research I found that my mount assembly is missing a rubber bushing that goes on top of spring insulator steel Jun 14, 2016 · “Popping” Sound from Front Strut Mounts on Low Speed Turns – 2012-2016 Subaru. Strut mounts can go bad slowly. Sometimes even the steering bar is replaced before the problem gets solved. Although, I noticed when checking it out that the noise is still there on the right side, not as bad, but there. I am trying to figure out if I have a bad front motor mount like some people have experienced Over the past 20,000 miles or so I have noticed a "loose" sound coming out of the front end. I'm ready to replace  6 Feb 2018 When you turn, you might get some noise and you might not. ball joints tight from what I and a few others How to tell if front strut mount is bad; If you are shaking the strut and its making noise, i would check the 3 bolts that hold the strut hat to the strut tower In addition, the strut can change its angle to the body within the strut tower to a certain extent thanks to the strut mount bearing. Yes they are seated properly and greased properly from the factory. I was suppose to be driving to Arizona today and now I have to wait. The service manual call for strut replacement at 50000 but I know if the van has been on bad roads, cared havey loads, people or other stuff the struts wear out sooner. I have a 2009 LT2 that has minor but clearly audible knocking sound coming from the front suspension strut area. Took off the strut and didn't see the mount to be visually bad. If you have a front wheel drive car the noise is most likely a upper strut mount/support. “Most drivers don’t realize that driving with bad shocks or struts can actually increase your stopping distances, especially on wet or slippery roads,” says Jill Trotta, Senior Director at RepairPal. Subaru Outback Suspension Problems. It has 65k miles. How did you get the spring on the strut when you replaced it? Its pretty hard to diy that and get the spring on correctly. They said it was a strut mount. Apr 30, 2012 · The noise was not coming clearly from the top of the strut, however, I could see and feel the tire and strut (in the wheel well) slowly shuttering as the wheel turned left and right. A bad transmission mount may also cause squeaking when shifting gears. Depending on how badly the strut mount bearing is damaged, one experiences: The damping effect of the bearing also ensures that noise and vibrations of  A top strut mount connects the strut to the vehicle's body or frame. To see how frequently Subaru Outback problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. May 25, 2005 · Replacing the front strut mount rubber bushings this past January flat-out fixed the noise problems in my wife's 2000 RX300. The insulator should be installed between the upper portion of the body mount and the frame bracket. #2 – Bad Power Steering Rack. Definitely notice the clunking when it's colder out. How did you check the lower ball joints? Did you check the sway bar bushings? Check if the sway bar is hitting or rubbing something? Did you check the inner tie rod ends? Strut mounts will make a grinding type sound when turning as they go bad. Check the components that attach the shock or strut to the vehicle. A strut mount is like a sandwich. That's how badly my current strut mounts were. Feel your tires and you will notice that they are either even across or worn unevenly. i havent climbed under to see if i can see anything wearing down, but i know how suspensions with GM vehicles dont last. Floating front end. here is the link to the video. Shocks, Struts and Springs. On many vehicles with strut-type suspension designs, the front struts (which include the springs and shock absorbers) are mounted with bearings or bearing plates that serve as the upper pivot how low are you? Reason I ask is on my V1's I've got them adjusted so low that the spring actually has movement when the strut is fully extended and the strut mount doesn't compress it completely, so it makes some noise. I've got a 2002 3. Same is applicable to the front end with the difference being the upper strut mount is also a load bearing. i have a 2013 impala LT. He put the car on the lift, and he pushed up on the front wheels, and they went up into the wheel well. Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. They look OK, but are original at 239K miles. If I can, I'll see if my wife can ride with me and record it, and I'll post it. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. The most recently reported issues are listed below. these will go in in a couple weeks. atleast they appear. If there are squeaking or friction noises, the shocks may not be recovering correctly. I installed everything and drove car for half an hour with no noises. I just replaced two of them on another of my vehicles, but the symptom was that when I turned there would be a clunking sound which was the spring jumping on the mount because it wouldn't turn. Signs You Need Jetta Strut Mount Replacement A bad strut mount can cause a lot of noise and vibration in your VW Jetta. In REALLY severe conditions the top of the strut piston where the nut is can pull/rip through the plastic strut mount and you basically lose the suspension quality of that strut but it is rare and has to be really mistreated for that to happen. Jul 25, 2018 · I'm resurrecting this zombie: I gave in and took it to a mechanic who swore up and down that it had to be a bad strut mount. I've lost confidence in my local dealership to address a noise coming from my front suspension. Generally speaking, the deeper the thud or thunk, the bigger the problem. I'm just curious what will happen if I continue to drive on them being Oct 21, 2008 · I have included a video of the sound. Strut Mounts: the unsung hero. Find our best fitting front strut mounts for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! I have a 2002 bmw 525i 102,000 miles. Driving with worn shocks or struts can result in more than just a bad ride—there are safety implications to consider. any ideas how to fix it? i really cant afford an arm and a leg to get it fixed as im having a kid soon, the car still drives fine I had to replace an upper strut mount because the bearing went out of it. had hollow thumping noise in rear over uneven surfaces. Just wondering if anyone has had the same noise, and if it ended up being the strut or maybe some other bushings that went bad, its pretty typical to me of what a bad strut sounds like go over bumps or clunks ride over dirt roads ( slow ) that are heaved ( like small woops) enough to compress and extend the front suspension and it clunks. Not sure if the noise can be picked up above ambient noise on a recording device. The dealer confirmed my right front strut is bad. The job of a vehicle’s suspension system is to keep the tires evenly on the road and the vehicle frame which the body attaches to running in a smooth forward motion rather than uncontrollable up and down as you go over bumps. It seems like whenever I am at lower speed with less road noise I notice a "pop" or "clunk" coming out of The squeak you describe is likely to be coming from the upper strut mount bushing, which anchors the strut and allows the strut to rotate as you turn the wheels. The #1 mount is the mount located just under the A-pillar. When I checked the strut mounts they didn't look worn out and when I turn the wheel the I am not getting a popping noise as if the spring is moving. When the strut bottoms out, the metal-to-metal contact can cause a knocking sound that emanates from the front or rear wheels. Another symptom of a bad or failing motor mount is excessive be accompanied by an impact noise of some sort. I tested it on the bench and could hear the squeaky rubber sound when spinning the mount on the strut and coil assembly. Very annoying, leaving it for too long has caused vibrations and loose plastic within the vehicle. Another symptom of a bad strut assembly is a floating front end, or when it pulls to one side. Here's the background. But I do not want to save $40/$80 to redo the work later if the mount(s) is/are bad. Clunking top strut mounts will sound like they are at mid to upper dashboard level. A vehicle owner should restore the Toyota Corolla Strut Mount because of sharp turns, pot holes, or rough driving conditions. Volvo XC90 owners whose strut mount bushings have failed have reported hearing popping noises from the strut and abnormal vibrations that last even when the engine is switched off. Spring Compressor Clamp - https://amzn. as I thought a worn/bad ball joint could be the issue. make sure you aligned the the strut mount properly. Unfortunately it was a few days before the first strut mount started making noise. Video is at Believe its a bad strut. No dealer around has one either. meets the top of the strut is The coil has positive pressure the entire time, so it's pushing up against the strut mount, and the Upper Control Arm surrounding the coil, also helps in knowing that the spring can't come out horizontally. A worn or damaged strut mount results in vibration and noise. Mine used to make some noises when they went over bumps in the front, but I had that ESP'd. If the strut is actually broken from it’s mount, you will know it immediately and it is unsafe. A bad CV joint will usually make a noise Jun 06, 2018 · Leaking Struts or Worn Strut Bushings. They will rattle and make a lot of Has anyone had issues with the Front Strut Mounts making noise after lowering with Mopar Stage 1 Springs? I have put approx 2000 miles on car since lowering and it didn't make a sound. Out of warranty, replacing with KYB driver and passenger side mounts and struts total of $534. Struts at steering wheels commonly include a pivot bearing to allow the strut to pivot left and right. Specifically, the estimate said "Excessive Play/Noise". You don't have to replace front and rear at the same time, but make sure the same axle is replaced together. look for any mistakes you may have maken. By far the most common solution on the current market seems to be the KYB complete strut replacements (which no longer have removable inserts and are no longer the Dr DeCarbon monotube high-pressure design). Clunking sounds, tire alignment issues, and steering problems indicate that the strut mount is worn out. ive noticed that there is a strange clunk coming from the rear. Hopefully this one will be good. Over time, your OEM mounts can start to wear out which leads to popping and clunking noises from your strut towers. The noise is very noticable at slow speeds on washboard type roads. How to tell if front strut mount is bad; If you are shaking the strut and its making noise, i would check the 3 bolts that hold the strut hat to the strut tower In addition, the strut can change its angle to the body within the strut tower to a certain extent thanks to the strut mount bearing. Hello, My car has koni yellow and eibach spring, and i know i have to change the front shocks because the dust cover boot is ripped but before i order some parts i would like to know the syptoms of bad top mount and strut bearingso i can order all the parts at the same time It may not be the strut mounts that are causing your creaking. if you hey guys, out of no were today my left strut started making a creaking noise it sounds like dry rubber rubbing against metal and then about an hour later they were both doing it, im 95% sure its coming from the top rubber in the struts, the one the spring sits in. The sway bar links , control arms were replaced 4 years ago but the noise was still there. My 97 ES300 had the famous fornt end rattling noise problem. Jan 03, 2020 · A rubber vibration dampener within the strut mount has a tendency to separate from the interior metal casing of the strut mount assembly. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Taurus based on all problems reported for the Taurus. Even if there is no oil on the strut, there could be issues with the upper mount or bearing plate. Jul 25, 2012 · Front Strut & Steering Noise - Does Your Malibu Sound Like This? 08 Malibu used in this video. When turning the steering wheel, I can see the top strut moving, kind of side to side as it turns. So when the strut is all the way up it does have some play but I assumed noise was from bad strut mounts. Each mount has a bearing that attaches it to the vehicle, which also serves as a pivot point that makes it easier to steer. Get the car back and the noise was still there. Does anyone know why they mounts keep going May 16, 2010 · How can I tell If my strut mount is bad? I am replacing my front strut. They start rattling about 40,000 miles & will do it until replaced. One on the drivers side and 2 on the passanger. Mine had around 130k on them and were pretty worn, even though they weren't rusted at all thanks to Florida's very mild climate. These direct replacement, factory strut mounts are the perfect way to restore your S197's suspension. Aug 17, 2008 · Yeah I dunnounless it is really far gone a strut wouldn't make any noise like described. Correction Install an insulator at the suspect mount(s). What is meant by “broken”? Nov 13, 2011 · On how bad it is, if it has play in it, it has the chance of breaking with the next pothole. When I changed the struts, the strut mount from top consist of the the mount, a plastic bearing sleeve or bushing, steel plate that goes on top of spring insulator, then the spring insulator. The strut mount is a metal reinforced rubber bushing that bolts to the shock absorber strut rod, and attaches the strut assembly to the chassis. (knock on wood) i don't hear or feel the noise anymore. I have a 2008 Odyssey with strut mount noise and 96000+ miles. I am only getting what appears to be Shock Noise or like a rattle noise from under the hood, even when I travel on well paved road or somewhat bumpy. But I know they're all tight. May 29, 2009 · This is also accompanied with strut mounts and bearings that are located between the mount & strut. This whining sound BlueDevil Products Auto Blog! Why Do I Have a Squeaky Suspension? control arm bushing or strut mount. A strut is a glorfied shock, maybe the strut mount/bearing could fail and start groaning/creeking but likely only when turning. Basically I want to try and avoid replacing the strut mount if i don;t have to. I thought my rear bumper was falling off!! New mount vs old mount If it is the mount you should be able to move the top of the shock when you get to the point in Golfnut's picture. If it is bad, then you might have noise. It has several functions, including dampening wheel noise and vibrations that would otherwise travel through the vehicle. Quote: And when I take off slowly or go in reverse, it makes a thumping noise. Does anyone else have similar Some owners of 2002-2005 Sedona vehicles produced from 5/1/2001-8/31/2005 may complain of front suspension noise over rough road surfaces at speeds between 18-31 MPH. It turned out to be the strut itself, the noise is gone from the left with the new strut. Keeps your ride quiet and vibration free. Any other noises could be a bad mount or strut itself. For example, in some Mazda cars with a manual transmission, a rubber insert inside the transmission mount may cause squeaking when starting the engine or shifting gears. I had a clunk and squeeking sitting still and at low speeds. 100% free webcam site! Dec 02, 2008 · The top bearing mount assemblies will make a clunking sound when they are bad. Could a bad ball joint ever make a grinding sound when they start to fail? 28 Dec 2019 So what are the noises and symptoms of a broken suspension can hear a grinding noise, you probably have a strut mount bearing problem. its not loud, but its loud enough to here. I threw in some new stabilizer bar links for good measure since the ball joints seemed to have a lot of play. Apply penetrating oil to the strut nut and strut stem on top of the strut mount. glad they gave me a loaner! Oct 20, 2002 · Bad Strut Mount vs. Noise gone! Time to order a new motor mount. The nose The strut mount connects the strut assembly to the vehicle. The noise was less obvious when the car warmed up. Jul 04, 2016 · New strut assemblies, squeaking when turning. I jacked up the engine today and the rubber of the mount pulled right off the metal it was attached to. A damaged strut mount can cause issues to both your suspension and your steering. First, before Have a 2000 Buick Lesabre. Have you tried checking the CV Joint. This is where I started suspecting the strut mount. What generally occurs is that the ball bearings either fall out or get worn out which causes the weight pressure from the strut towers to pop because of excessive clearance in the bearing housing. In some cars, a bad engine mount can cause rattling noise when the engine is started or shut down. Front strut mounts usually also house a bearing that allows the wheels to turn left or right. 5 Problems a Bad Engine Mount Will Cause as this general noise means something is wrong. When shock absorbers go bad and cause the tire to recoil faster, there can be patterns of wear that alternate like a series of peaks and If you can bounce the front end of the car and get the noise with the hood up, feel around for the noise source. I've never heard of "strut pads". Uneven tire wear . Past that point and the noise could change to a knocking noise as the whole top of the strut is then Just got back from the dealership after waiting another 6 hours. what I need is for someone, and I know you are out there, to PLEASE tell me what the symptoms are of bad strut bearings / mounts. The bearing wears and begins to bind. A strut mount replacement for Ford Escape models helps to reduce vibration and allows the struts to navigate through right and left directional changes during turning and steering. Like mentioned earlier a CV joint would click when turning and braking/accelerating. Today it started making this noise, I can put my hand on strut and strut mount while turning the wheel and can Dec 18, 2011 · But, the strut bushings can be replaced without replacing the struts. Everything seems tight not loose. Bad shocks and struts sometimes make noises. As the name (strut mount) implies, it’s a component that attaches the suspension strut to the vehicle. Until I install it I won't know for sure. I highly recommend replacing the mounts & strut bearings with the struts. Dec 26, 2011 · Your metal to metal could be your wheel bearings. Strange noise after installing new KYB strut assemblies. But the price isn't too bad, roughly $50-60 each online, and they will work for a street-driven application. So my question is this My mounts are two days old. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Strut mounts sit atop your vehicle's strut assemblies to connect to your vehicle's chassis. Don't drive too much with it banging around like that or you will damage the shaft of the damper. Easy to of strut. My wife is dropping it off at 9am and I've asked her to speak with the service advisor that I want the strut and upper mount/bearing to be replaced at the same time. I've seen some examples where it was severe enough that it came through the mount into the trunk. luckily I got some from jason 95 along with my tranny & TC i bought from him. I'm fairly confident that the "twang" or knocking is a result of the spring on the front strut binding and releasing while the steering is turned full lock or under acceleration the spring is unloaded allowing it to rotate. thought it might be a bad strut mount. try rotating tires side to side see if pull changes, check tire pressure. Sounds just like the lug nuts are loose and the wheels wobbling. Jan 17, 2019 · When spring tension begins to come off the strut mount, the strut mount should be easy to rotate with your hand, or you should be able to place a screwdriver between the upper spring seat and spring to create a gap. Strut Mount Problem? This is a discussion on Strut Mount Problem? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; How do you know if the strut mount is bad? i'm trying to diagnois what the hell is wrong with Apr 26, 2013 · What will a bad front strut mount and bearing do? My 2003 Acura RSX Type-S has bad front strut mounts (rubber part surrounding the piston shock is all cracked and falling apart. Blown tires Jun 13, 2014 · Might also be a broken strut spring or bad upper strut bearing. It comes out soooooo smoothly, and uneventfully, it's almost boring! The bad news is the strut mount does not have any moving parts, or anything that I can see that moves. Damn rancho junk. It has got worse since 4 months. Ford Taurus owners have reported 10 problems related to strut failure (under the suspension category). But, that's not saying much since the strut mounts were notorious for being bad. While removing the spring with the compressor, the left strut mount from my Honda Pilot broke! See my pic of the old broken strut mount. Requested a second opinion from a local repair shop, and conclusion was "upper strut mount bearing bad, causing coil spring to pop". The 'washer' that the strut rod goes through and the nut tightens up against has separated from the rubber isolator within the mount. This type of rattling is caused by the inner strut assembly smacking against the outer strut assembly as overall strut tension reduces and the bad strut starts to shift and move. Testing it: remove the cap on the top of the strut. Toyota Yaris Recalled to Repair Strut Problems An internal investigation found the upper ring of the strut mounting bearing was damaged which allowed the strut to move, causing the noise and Apr 13, 2017 · A complete strut consists of a shock absorber and a spring combined into a single unit. I have to be in Phoenix b Noises mean something is wrong. Noise is pronounced if you go over a bump. They should be replaced every time you replace your front struts. trying to find noise in back end of 2003 toyota solara. They told me it's nothing in the suspension, and the noise is normal. I only got my strut mounts changed a couple of weeks ago (along with the front two sway bar links) because of a rattling noise. I currently have a bad front mount. I've already had to replace mine with the same sound. I didn't buy it for that. I'm still thinking it's a strut mount or motor mount. My Civic has the same noise. try this see if you can by the strut as a complete assy. The drivers side was smoother and the shuttering much less pronounced. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts Would that be from a bad mount or poor installation job? Do you Shock and Strut Mount by KYB®. A damaged Toyota Corolla Strut Mount can make your car bounce and eventually cause the driver to lose control of the car. Volvo S60 Front Upper Strut Mounts May Fail and Cause Noise Over Bumps - 136 reports. They cant be bad already. Unless it is subframe bushings or something else. by a printed date code on the underside of the strut mount as shown in the May 24, 2018 · Noise while driving: A knocking or thumping noise — especially over bumps — can indicate worn struts. They replaced the strut mount, which didn't stop the problem. it has 50k on the clock now. strut, mount When I had my Beetle in for service, the dealer said that the Strut Cap Bearing in my front left wheel was bad. Here are the details, hopefully someone can provide me some insight or troubleshooting tips. Furthermore, bad strut mounts tend to cause an increase in steering noise. This was the second new complete strut since the noise started, but, okay, could happen I guess. Strut mounts that tear a little are safe to drive with. Either way, they should fix it. If one of your strut mounts breaks, the struts may rattle around a bit, which will result in a clunking noise any time you drive over a bump in the road, or a pothole. The noise was coming from under the wheel well on the passenger side. 12 Jan 2016 If you notice a knocking or clunking sound coming from an area near the front or rear tires, it's most likely due to worn out or broken struts. Strut mounts attach the strut to the vehicle and dampen tire noise and vibrations, and help keep the wheel perpendicular. I took it to the dealer and they said they couldn't replicate the problem. Worn or damaged struts can make a clunking or thumping noise when riding over bumps and large cracks in the road. The rubber insulator of the mount gets dry and wears over time, resulting in a clunking sound when traveling over bumps. What are symptoms of bad/broken front strut mount? At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. The driver is often the first to know when a strut fails and does not perform well. bad strut mount noise

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